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The perfect gift for a dog They say that having a dog is like having a child, which is true to a certain point as a dog needs love, warmth and attention to thrive, just like any child. Many dog lovers do love their dog as if they were a child, buying gifts and presents at Christmas or birthdays.

There is a massive selection of gifts that an owner could buy for their beloved pet. The variety of gifts available to buy can range from simple toys such as ropes for a good tug of war or there are toys designed to reward the dog at a particular task. Like many educational toys that would be bought for a child, specific toys you can get for a dog can help the dog to learn something new or to curb a particular habit.

The right toy to choose would depend upon the purpose you wish it to fulfil. If you have a dog that cannot resist chewing your socks you would look for a toy which will satisfy their need to chew, be robust to last a while, whilst also allowing you to teach the dog what it’s allowed to chew (the toy) and what it can’t (your socks).

A toy which does seem to live up to ferocious dog chewers is the Hurley, a dog toy that is manufactured in the USA and from a pliable one-of-a-kind Zogoflex®. The Hurley is a robust and durable chewable toy for dogs that have the urge to chew, when combined with appropriate training you may be able to curb their chewing habits.

A gift for a dog is not just limited to toys. The dog market has exploded into the designer scene prompted by celebrities sporting designer goodies showcasing their designer pooch handbags as well as diva dog perfume. There are the extravagant of us out there who like to follow the latest trend, where you will need a walk in wardrobe to house one pooches designer accessories!

These days there are lot of deals offered online. If you are running short of funds, check out the deals offered by different merchants on different deal sites. Some of my favourite are and If you have the funds and you’re devoted to your dog, you can shop a range of designer gear or if you don’t want to break the bank you can opt for the high street items. You can get jeweled leads & collars so your dog can show off its stuff while out for a walk or the smaller breeds a doggy handbag so you can carry around your perfectly pampered pooch.

The possibilities of what accessories and items you can find are endless, even if you can’t find what you are looking for you can more than likely have it custom made.

A dog’s perfect gift doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical item either, there are other options available to an owner. Your pampered princess can experience the treat of a blueberry facial or you could opt for a mud bath treatment, which will leave your pooch with the feeling of rejuvenated skin.

Whatever gift you choose to buy for your dog whether that is a normal toy or you opt for the accessories. The sharing of a gift can be a great bonding moment, watching their excitement as you present them with something new.

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