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When deciding on which pet to bring home, to love, spend time with and form an everlasting bond. There can be the big old debate between getting a cat or dog. The dilemma is not a case of which animal to pick as they both have their perks and flaws. The dilemma lies with you, who you are and what do you expect from your furry, fluffy friend.

If you are after a play mate, you may consider sharing your time with a dog instead of a cat. Dogs by nature are pack members, meaning they are more sociable and love to be close to their leaders. A cat will be very aware of where you are, but they are not so keen to join in on the fun unless it is time for them to be stroked.

You can guarantee that if a gym buddy has let you down, you can rely on your beloved dog to be the faithful replacement. Your dog will happily oblige to a run in the park or a workout session, running rings around you and keeping you going. The feline kind may look on by and wonder why you are going to all that effort; they would very much prefer to curl up in the warm for a cuddle in your lap.

The decision on which pet you choose can be governed by where you live as some apartments will have restrictions on keeping dogs, meaning a feline companion may be a better choice of pet. You would not want to get an adoring little puppy with its big ‘love me’ eyes, to have to return him to a shelter for breaking your apartment’s rules.

Outdoor space can also play a part in your decision as dogs will need a suitable field or large area nearby that can be used to play fetch and stretch their legs. A local area where they can meet other dogs is a good idea to help them become well socialised.

Both cats and dogs require care and attention, dogs more so than cats as dogs will want to be involved in every aspect of your life, whereas cats are not bothered and will come to you as and when.

Play time will be required by both a cat and a dog, with a dog’s play time being more exhausting than a cat. They will need to go for walks in all weathers, and if you are late home you will need to arrange for someone to walk them for you. Cats are gentler creatures, getting enjoyment from pouncing on a feather or tangling themselves up in string, all from the comfort of your own home.

The decision between choosing a cat or dog should not be taken lightly. Research needs to be undertaken into the breed of both pets as one breed may require more time and attention than another breed. It would be wise to research possible breeds which will fit more comfortably into your lifestyle.

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